Most of our clients face challenges in one or more basic areas: Quality, Effectivenes and Consistency.

Quality = the quality of the results. Improving quality reduces defects, lowers the cost of ownership, and reduces maintenance costs.

Efficiency = the effectiveness of the work effort. Improving effectiveness means that each action you take is made more relevant to producing a quality result. the integration of tools can greatly aid the overall effectiveness of a project if those tools are correctly focused on reducing the overall effort required.

Consistency = the consistency and predictability of the process. People are very good at recognizing when something is different, for example if you hear someone playing a song and they miss or change a note, we tend to detect that quickly (it’s called the MisMatch Negativity signal in neuroscience, or MMN). When someone sees differences in work product details between or across deliverables, they notice it quickly and this causes them to doubt the process. Improving consistency can increase our ability to manage costs AND it can increase customer confidence in our work product.