Minimum Path To Quality (MPTQ)TM
Minimum PathTM is the proprietary process by which Symetosphere winnows industry best practices down to the essential elements. By tailoring these practices to the unique needs of each organization, we achieve maximum business benefit in the shortest possible time.
The Symetosphere Minimum Path To Quality (MPTQ)TM provides for the optimum balance between People, Process, and Technology without adding bloat. The MPTQTM assures that:

  1. Systems are designed for reuse
  2. Development personnel acquire role-specific skills necessary for delivering the solution
  3. Common-sense process becomes common place process
  4. The SDLC is sustainable


The Minimum Path To Quatily (MPTQ)TM is a refinement and extension of industry best practices that Symetosphere has integrated with a proven and practical approach to organizational change management, cultural design and tools adoption. MPTQTM is released under a Creative Commons “open source” type of license.
To view a copy of this license, visit Creative Commons Website or send a letter to:

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