Symetosphere products were created to help you achieve maximum ROI from your change efforts. You want the most for your investments and when we help you to reach that goal, we’ve been successful.

We understand the reluctance to change in most organizations. That is why every one of our engagements includes a cultural change component. We have found that most companies do not address the corporate environment when instituting changes. Whether it be process or tools, downsizing or consolidation, the acceptance by the organization will determine the level of success achieved. The level of success achieved correlates directly with your return on investment.

Our methods will show you how to determine your company culture on several levels. We will show you how to identify likely resistance and give you the tools to bring management and employees up the cognitive scale. Our tools will give you a window into the change process, allowing you to monitor adoption velocity and encourage support.

Symetosphere’s flagship product, Minimum Path to Quality, has proven itself over the course of 200+ engagements. The feedback that we’ve received tells us that executives appreciate the benefits of an ordered, reusable SDLC, but can’t justify the costs associated with a full RUP or similar implementation. We understand that because we have been in those executive chairs ourselves. Symetosphere engineers set out to create a process that incorporates all of the critical components of an SDLC, while keeping process overhead very low; hence, the “Minimum” moniker.

A small process footprint is beneficial, but only if it results in the level of quality expected. A quality process is one where mistakes and rework are minimized, performance and availability meets expectations, and benefits of the process far outweigh the costs. We think you’ll agree with us.

Most of Symetosphere’s products are published via the Creative Commons Sharealike License. They are free to download and use as you wish. Read a little more about how our products can help you achieve your goals in the pane to the left.