What are their capabilities? See our Capability Statement

IMPLEMENTATION – What is a “successful implementation”?

It means different things to different people. Implementation is where all of the project decisions and effort culminate to determine the success of your project. The largest risk to your success is the cultural element. To see how to effectively mitigate this huge risk to your project, click here to read about a different implementation approach

PROJECT ROI – Do your projects deliver the anticipated benefits?

The key to unlocking the full ROI of your project could be as simple as effectively addressing the natural resistance to change within your organization. When the cultural issues are identified and addressed the organization is positioned to achieve a level of success well beyond typical implementations. To see the benefits of integrating the culture changes with your process and technology changes click here

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE – Does your organization have the culture you want?

It is possible to specifically design a culture based on teamwork, collaboration, accountability and trust. Sound impossible? Intentionally Designed Culture (IDC)® is an engineered and designed approach to organizational change. IDC makes cultural change tangible and measurable. Click here to find out how!


Read the real-life story of Joe the CIO and his frustrations. He has done all the right stuff:

  • – Brought in outside help
  • – Researched the changes needed in his department
  • – Talked with other companies experiencing similar problems
  • – Invested time and money in tools, process improvements and training
  • – Brought in the best mentors and consultants he could find

But he is frustrated because all his cost saving measures have not delivered increased efficiencies and now he is looking at reducing staff. Read how organizational change and cultural design can help address the natural resistance to change that his organization is demonstrating, and how he achieved increased effectiveness through Intentionally Designed Culture®