We’ve all experienced project failure.  Even though many projects get “completed”, the expected results are often not achieved.  All of us at Symetosphere have participated in projects that have been failures.  Because we’ve seen so much money and time wasted, the owners of Symetosphere have done years of analysis to learn where projects go wrong.  Our analysis may not surprise you, but our solutions probably will.

Symetoshpere uses two primary tools to make sure your project returns the results you expect.  Our methods were created and perfected by us and have been used successfully to deliver results to clients like Sigma-Aldrich, M & T Bank, Digikey, and the U.S. government.

Our signature product is Minimum Path (MP).  Minimum Path is our methodology that takes you from the inception of your project, to a successful result in the shortest time possible.  First, we work with you to pinpoint the project results that top your priority list.  Using Minimum Path, we show you which of your project objectives will return the most business value for your IT dollar.  We utilize our tools to show you what each project objective will return in the form of ROI.  What’s different is that we give you this important information very early in your project so that you can make the best project decisions.  Give us a call and we will show you how we do this.

Our other trademarked product is called Intentionally Designed Culture (IDC).  We here at Symetosphere recognized a long time ago that a trait common to most failed projects is internal resistance to project completion – very often this resistance to the idea of anything new.  All projects encounter some form of resistance because, as humans, many of us resist change.  This happens at the sponsorship level, within IT staff, and with the end user.

IDC is our method of identifying human behavior on a simple cognitive scale.  We do this at the organizational level, group level, and sometimes at the individual level.  We uncover any destructive behaviors and replace them with positive behaviors that accelerate the project timeline and increase the quality of the output.  We harness the power of your people by helping them to form bonds and increase trust levels among participants.  Groups that trust each other will make better decisions, and make them faster.  As participants move from the ‘generalize’ phase into ‘invent’, new and better ideas will flow from the group, increasing ownership.  We don’t just practice IDC, we also teach your staff what we do, and how we do it.  You get IDC with every one of our projects.  You’ll be amazed at the results we get.

Symetosphere is so confident in our proven methods, that we actually like difficult projects, and projects that are failing.  We are experts at identifying what is wrong – why you just can’t seem to get the results you wanted in a reasonable period of time.  Our staff, whether functioning as a project manager, business analyst, or as a tester are all IDC Cultural Engineers, constantly work to strengthen positive group dynamics.  It works.  We are successful.  Call us.  We will be happy to give you a short presentation to increase your understanding of how we succeed.  Hire us, and we will deliver project results that you will be proud of.  IDC is a discipline we practice every day, every hour that we work for you.  Without it, we would not achieve the impressive results that we do.